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One of the critical steps in the divorce process is getting the right divorce lawyers for you as well as your spouse. This case is especially true regardless if you are filing divorce for the first time or you have been given a divorce summons. Although there are some who think that they do not need the help of lawyers in pushing through with the divorce, the process is not as simple as it seems. Getting a lawyer can even hasten up and smoothen out the process for you and help you correct the life that you had in your marriage.


If you want to hire the right attorney, the best thing to do is to ask referrals from friends and family about some competent lawyers they might know. If you have informed your close friends and relatives beforehand that you are heading for divorce, you can also ask some divorce lawyers suggestions. If you also know someone who has gone through the same process, he or she can also help you get the right lawyer to help you with the divorce process. Better yet, you can visit the websites of top law firms in your area and browse through the qualifications and experiences of their divorce lawyers. The Internet is the best option for you to dig up loads of information about certain lawyers. It can even help you in preparing and making decisions with regards to your contested divorce. Your research can also potentially help you save money and time during your initial visit with your chosen lawyer.


Once you have your list of suggestions, referrals, as well as your Internet research, cross out the names of the lawyers who are your best choices. You should choose and interview at least three divorce lawyers. This is also a practical step in making a sound choice for the right lawyer to represent you at court. Interviewing more than one lawyer is much like getting a second opinion just to make sure.


The next important thing in the divorce process is to be comfortable as much as possible. Since the divorce process is very emotional and draining, you will need a divorce lawyer who will guide you throughout the process as well as helping you feel comfortable with the situation. If you do not feel comfortable during your initial meeting, get another lawyer since a good lawyer is supposed to make you feel at ease with his or her presence at the same time ensuring he or she is trustworthy. However, if you think you made a good choice with your lawyer, start writing down your questions after the first meeting.


You should also prepare yourself in settling professional fees with your lawyer. See to it that you discuss money matters such as hour or flat-fee charges and value billing with your attorney at the initial meeting. Also ask if your lawyer will charge a retainer and how much is the fee. Of course, money is not always the case throughout a divorce. It is just one of the things that you should clearly discuss with your lawyer.

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